Travel Diary- Graduate Hotel Stay | Lincoln Nebraska

 I have always been a firm believer that a mini get-away is good for the soul and I always tell others that but never really do it for myself. Well, I finally did a couple weeks back. Andrew and I went to Nebraska for a one night stay at the Graduate Hotel. Our minds were blown by how unique this hotel was. Just walking in you were greeted with kind staff and bright decor. The Graduate Hotels reside in the most dynamic university towns across the country.

When we got to our room we probably spent about 15 minutes noticing all the little quirks the room had. The interior designer of this hotel did not miss a beat.

The main lobby was to die for. I have never been in awe when walking into a hotel until I walked into the Graduate.

I wanted to bring this emerald green couch home. I noticed the cornhusk drapes (Nebraska Cornhuskers) so cool seeing the Lincoln traditions being incorporated into these rooms.  We were obsessed with this couch if you couldn’t tell!

How groovy is this pool, it makes me want to buy a high waisted bathing suit, throw my hair up in a tall bun and kick back and relax with a big pair of sunglasses on! Ha!

When I walked in to see all the bright pastels my heart was so happy. Sad news, I forgot my swimsuit we realized as we were running through our list of things when we were on the road. That just gives us an excuse to go back this summer!

Thank you Graduate Hotel for the accommodations on our one night stay- the staff was superb. Andrew and I had a blast, we will be back again!

If you are looking for a good get-away but not too far from home, I can’t say this enough, stay at the Graduate. They have several different locations including Lincoln- Nebraska, Ann Arbor- Michigan, Chicago just to name a few. You can check out their website here Graduate Hotel to book your trip to the one closest to you.


Whitening sensitive teeth at home|| Smile Brilliant

The new year has begun and that means I have goals that I want to achieve! One huge goal of mine is keeping my teeth white and vibrant. I found the perfect solution by partnering up with Smile Brilliant. Keep scrolling to see my results and why I have added to this to the weekly routine to see what my secret is to keep my teeth staying bright <3 It is so easy!

Smile Brilliant is an easy and affordable way to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. The process is super easy! I never feel like I have time to do anything before heading to work and getting home so this process was perfect for me!

Smile Brilliant will send you a kit, you will make impressions with the mold to make your own retainers. As soon as that process is done you send them out, they arrive about 7-10 days after you send it out. I am always trying to find ways to keep my teeth brighter for the holiday season, especially with how many pictures get taken I always look at my teeth!

To get the best results I personally would go brush my teeth with just water and then apply the whitening gel in the trays and wear them for about 45 minutes. My teeth are very sensitive so I was actually nervous trying this entire process, but to be honest, I left them on for about 15-25 minutes, to begin with, and just stretched the timeout as I went on! So easy to do right before you go to work, I put them on before I get in the shower and take them off before I leave for work! 🙂

The orange is the whitening gel, I did mine every other day for the first week and then about 2-3 times a week and now just do it 1-2 times a week to maintain the brightness.

The purple labels are the sensitizing gel that helps if your teeth become sensitive. You would do if after you apply the whitening gel. I personally have sensitive teeth so just to be cautious I did use the sensitizing gel.

My before and after, as you can see my teeth already were pretty white this process just made my teeth a little brighter and great for maintaining brightness.

Want to know how you can get a Smile Brilliant kit?! Well, you are in luck,  Smile Brilliant and I have partnered up to giveaway a T3 Sensitive Kit Valued at $139 all you have to do is enter by clicking the link below!

$15  off tray code: layersandlipstick15

*Giveaway is open for two weeks. They MUST enter through the link to be counted.  Giveaway is for $139 credit- and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia residents.

How to Whiten Your Teeth




*Giveaway is open for two weeks. They MUST enter through the link to be counted.  Giveaway is for $139 credit- and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia residents.




How to Whiten Your Teeth

The Perfect Sweater Weather

I love a good sweater, especially when it is affordable and comfy! I have linked some affordable cozy sweaters/ cardigans below that I know you are going to just love!

Early this week I asked you all to send me questions that you want to know about Andrew and I. Whether that be about us individually you want to know, or about our relationship in general! We are excited to film this video. We had plans to do it around Christmas but this gal got sick so we have postponed it to this weekend! If you have any last minute questions, comment below questions or feel free to shoot me an email as well to! We want to hear from you 🙂

We love that you guys want to hear more about us and we look forward to sharing our story <3 Have a happy Tuesday!

Photos by Keshia Pietz <3

Linked below are some great picks from H&M !