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I'm Mika, and I am happy you’re here! I am a sharer of all things in my life; from easy and fun style + beauty/hair tips + travel + daily life & anything in between! Born in KC raised in MI, and currently livin’ life in KC. Dog mama, lover of Iced Lattes, sushi + KC!

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Master Bedroom Reno

We are finally to a point where things feel to be calming down at our house! I feel like it has been a whirlwind the past few months as this renovation happened and I am so excited to share it…

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Less is more – skincare routine

Less is more- that is my biggest skin care moto lately.  I went down a road where I was trying out several masks, cleaners, toners you name it and I truly NEVER knew why my skin was breaking out! HA!…

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2020 Goal Setting

The word resolution to me just does not settle right. I feel like for so long growing up I would make “resolutions” and never fall through with them. Goals are different for me especially now and as I have gotten…

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15 Cute Christmas Party Outfits

Finding the perfect Holiday outfit can be tough, good think I got your back! Check out what I am wearing this weekend to Andrew’s work holiday party and I have shared 15 other dresses that would be perfect for your…

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