Master Bedroom Reno

We are finally to a point where things feel to be calming down at our house! I feel like it has been a whirlwind the past few months as this renovation happened and I am so excited to share it with you all.

If you have been following along for the past 3 months you have noticed a lot more content around that has to do with our home. We recently added on to our home, and had a blast doing it! Finally things are slowing down with work, and workers not being in our house 24/7 so I thought it was a good time to start sharing the renovation.

You will see before pictures, messy photos and then finally a vision come to life.

Here I will be showing you all our new master bedroom, we extended 6 foot to the side for the bathroom and walk-in closet and and 6 foot out to extend that bedroom.

The messy part was not fun at all. We dealt with not having a backyard for about a month, a lot of mud and dirty dog paws!

When things actually started to feel real. Seeing the framing was so surreal to actually start visualizing it all!

When the siding went up, we were able to begin on the interior and start building out the master bedroom, bathroom and closet.




Current View

This is our current view! We are using our guest bed currently while we wait for our new bed frame + chest to get delivered Sunday! I have had a vision for our master bedroom for a while now and I thought I would share it with you! Check out the bed frame we ended up getting, side tables and other pieces that I am eyeing!


Bed frame [HERE] + Chest [HERE]are from Nebraska Furniture mart! I love a good deal and let’s be honest I have a credit card there and we thought why not use that!

Walls- We ended up going with Sherwin Williams “Snowbound” for the trim and walls.

We will be adding black drawer pulls [HERE] to the chest to have matte black accents that match our bathroom (will post that Reno soon) I love when you can take a piece of furniture and make it your own by adding little things.

Natural rug goals [HERE]- I have my eye on this beautiful woven cream rug. I love the neutrals paired with textures. I want to add either real greenery and or faux fig tree [HERE] in a corner paired with a bamboo basket [HERE].

Full length mirror [HERE]- I finally get to splurge on a full length mirror for the perfect try on sessions – DUH. I have been eyeing this one.

Artwork- Okay I am loving this simple yet STUNNING portrait I mean come on, so beautiful!

Lamps- I am not sure if I want to do a colored lamp, black or gold? Adding different colors and textures is a big thing for me in 2020 to our home. See different combinations below.

Items that are available with links ^


Less is more – skincare routine

Less is more- that is my biggest skin care moto lately. 

I went down a road where I was trying out several masks, cleaners, toners you name it and I truly NEVER knew why my skin was breaking out! HA! Until my aestitican told me “Mika, less is more.” I know it sounds so simple but it took someone telling me that to realize that I needed to ditch everything and start over. 

Last year (wow how weird is it to say that) I have really started invested in my skincare. I would rather spend money on my skin then clothes at this point. Giving you guys authentic reviews and advice on what is working for me is more important than posting a sale on clothes. Don’t get me wrong you wont stop seeing me post clothes and things like that but my goal is to share with you more skincare hacks, tips and advice from professionals. I always heard to start taking care of your skin in your 20’s and I may be a little late to the game being 27 but better late than never.

Let’s get to talking about my AM and PM skincare routine- you can head to my instagram [HERE] if you feel inclined to see the video on my stories 🙂 

AM Skincare Routine:

Obagi foaming gel cleanser– I use the Obagi Foam cleanser I find this to be very gentle, light and has a fresh smell ( for all skin types). I have tried many products over the counter and some other medical grade ones and this one has been my favorite!

Obagi Toner: Obagi toner I use in the Am to brighten my skin and help balance ph levels. 

Eye cream (optional in the AM)- I am a sucker for eye creams now! For about 8 weeks I have been religiously applying in the morning and at night. Now that my skin is getting used to this product I will probably continue to just apply it in my nighttime routine. The trick to eye cream is you want to let it set for 5-10 minutes so I usually brush my teeth in between eye cream and my final lotion. 

Elta MD SPF Lotion– I always have applied lotion to my face even before commiting to a routine but I realized it never had SPF in it. This is CRUCIAL even when it is a gloomy day our skin is being exposed. If I am not working or attending an event I have a goal to start wearing ball caps to help protect my face!

PM Skincare Routine 

Obagi foaming gel cleanser- I use this in the PM as well.

Toner: Obagi or rose water I tone off in my nighttime routine.

Eye cream: As mentioned above I have been using eye cream religiously the past 3 months and now will start just wearing at night. I use a half of pump for around my eyes and above my eyelids. *Pro tip- you can apply above your lip to help fine lines 😉 

Obagi Vitamin C Serum– I pat this and rub it in my skin after my eye cream and before my night cream. This brightens away hyperpigmentation and encourages the growth of collagen and elastin fibers. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture to your skin to prevent dryness.

**I either choose to do a vitamin c serum or peel pads * do not do them in the same routine at night, both are very strong so it is not recommended.

Peel pads: I love a good peel pad I love the dr. dennis gross ones. They have 3 levels which help slowly introduce your skin them and that is one thing I really enjoy about these. I personally use the level 2 ones and I do these about 2-3 times a week. They help with Dullness and uneven skin tone, Pores, Fine lines and wrinkles.

Currently I have been trying Rejuvenate by Skin Better Science: which is a   triple-acid (glycolic, lactic and salicylic) formulation, enhanced with patented retinoid, AlphaRet, exfoliates skin, leaving it smooth and bright. *these are in store only at Monarch where I go. At first they were intense, they stung a-little and tingled but I only used them a couple times a week and I am gradually using them for my skin to get use to them. I ALWAYS layer with a good night mask because they can tend to dry your skin out the first couple weeks.  You can find these at Monarch.

Night Cream: I am currently using the Elemis Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream, but exploring a couple medical grade night cream from my aesthetician Jessica. My skin has been very dry with winter and I have been layering. I love lathering a good thick moisturizer on at night.

Night Mask: I apply my Summer Friday’s jet lag mask probably 3 times a week. 

You can view and or shop all products here: * by all no means am I a professional. I would consult with a professional if you have any skin concerns or questions regarding your routine! You can call and order the eye cream and peel pads through Jessica at Monarch Skin Rejuvenation center and you can follow her on Instagram [HERE]

2020 Goal Setting

The word resolution to me just does not settle right. I feel like for so long growing up I would make “resolutions” and never fall through with them.

Goals are different for me especially now and as I have gotten older. I set myself up for success by practicing steps to hit my goal. This year I challenged Andrew and I to write down our goals physically on a sheet which I got from Lauren at the you can find it [HERE]

We printed ours off, wrote them down and read them to one another to hold ourselves accountable!

I thought I would share my main goals with you all to hopefully inspire you! I of course have other goals that I am sure will pop up through out the year but until then!

Goal 1: Grow more spiritually- I have always been religious in some shape or form but as I have gotten older I have always struggled to pray, read my bible and go to church more. This year I hope to dive deeper into my bible and study it, attend church as often as possible and pray daily.

Goal 2: Live a healthier lifestyle- that encompasses all things, food, working out, healthy mindset! This one I know will be hard for me because your girl enjoys fast food 😉 can be lazy and be tough on myself! But I am up for the challenge. This is one Andrew committed to as well and I am excited to see where our journey takes our minds and bodies!

Goal 3: Be more consistent with my brand Layers And Lipstick- within this goal I am going to create a mood board to really dig deep into my creative side. I want to work more on more daily posts and work on creating meaningful content for my readers/ followers.

Goal 4: Train Luther Nash to stop barking after a certain amount- okay this might sounds CRAZY but Luther is amazing. The one thing I failed to do was train him to stop barking at the correct time… DOG MOM FAIL. I have watched several videos, had consultations with trainers in the past couple years but I am determined to do this one my own. Worst case I will hire someone but until then!!!

Goal 5: Read more- This kind of goes along with growing more spiritually but also as my mind develops I want to commit to reading everyday. I have my goal to read at night but I think mornings may be better for me. That leads me to my 6th goal.

Goal 6: Wake up earlier!! My goodness, I do not know why this is so hard for me but it is. I plan on waking up 15 minute earlier than usual the first couple weeks then 20 minutes, then 30 minutes and so on until I reach a time where it makes sense. I don’t know about you but I HATE running out of the door in a rush. I hate feeling guilty that I didn’t play with Luther or take him on a walk and to be honest I would have enough time to make me a latte instead of spending money on Starbs!

Goal 7: Save $$ I am the worst at saving, I will just be honest. My mom has always said you come to this earth with nothing and you leave with nothing… well I have been using that excuse for a while now and I am thinking I should start investing and saving 😉 JUDGE ME- I do SAVE but need to be more consistent at it is a big goal of mine. Every paycheck I plan on taking a percentage out and working on my finances more intentionally.

I am sure throughout the year some things may change and my goals will change and that is OKAY! I wanted to share these goals with you to encourage you to start fresh and to show ya what I will be up to!

15 Cute Christmas Party Outfits

Finding the perfect Holiday outfit can be tough, good think I got your back! Check out what I am wearing this weekend to Andrew’s work holiday party and I have shared 15 other dresses that would be perfect for your next holiday party!

I personally love an outfit that people can talk about! This dress I got for under $30 the quality is great for this one time occasion and it is not itchy! I am wearing a size 4 and it is currently on sale! You can shop it here!

I have shared some affordable dresses/ jumpers below of what I would wear to a holiday party! Some more simple than others!

Best Co- Worker Gift Guide Under $25

Did you sign up for your work “Secret Santa” and struggling to find the perfect gift under $25? Well you are in luck! I have put together some fun things, for the gals in the office and the men. Check them out below!

Best Co- Worker Gift Guide Under $25

  1. Organization is KEY at work, so it should be? This whiteboard calendar is the perfect gift for someone who likes to stay organized or heck who needs to get it together!
  2. Lip kit set– these are great for any gal to just keep at her desk to freshen up! Ill be honest I have two of these at my desk!
  3. Nothing says your professional like a card holder at your desk this one I love because it can be for a guy or a gal!
  4. Leather card holder– I personally bought this for myself! I love having this in my purse or bag pack when I attend events I look more professional when I pull this out rather than a stack of cards!
  5. Want to know someones mood each day? Get them these mood cards! I love when I see these at a desk, great for that co- worker you never can understand ;0
  6. Looking for a fun game? Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious game good for that co- worker who is the jokester!
  7. Co- workers that get worked up? Get them the “Dammit Doll” they can take their anger out on that!
  8. The girly girl co- worker, this Ouai Set is a great starter kit for someone who appreciates beauty products!
  9. Coffee lovers– anyone who loves coffee loves a good coffee mug!
  10. HYDRATE- everyone needs to stay hydrated during the work day. That is one thing I sometimes forget to do! A trendy water bottle is a great gift for anyone.
  11. Girly girl- another one for that gal who likes to have her nails done. This set has the perfect colors for the holiday’s!

Best Dog Gift Guide 2019

We all know I love to spoil Mr. Luther Nash every day but Christmas is a great way to add those “extra” things to your Christmas list for your sweet pup.


  1. Does your dog have anxiety? Anxious? I recently found this adorable dog snuggle toy . Luther gets anxious in some situations but at home he is so comfortable so I am not sure if this would be something for him. I think it would be great for dogs in the car as they travel and for dogs that get anxious when you leave them home!
  2. CLEAN FREAKS- this is for you! For the dogs that shed this handheld vacuum is the perfect gift for those dogs that shed in the car or at home!
  3. Traveling for the holidays? We use this water dispenser on walks, and when we travel with Luther. I love that it is mess FREE!
  4. Everyone loves SOCKS and what better socks to rock than your dog on your feet!
  5. Does your dog need to slow down eating? Luther was eating his food so fast that he would end up puking so we ended up buying this “maze” feeder to help him slow down.
  6. Interactive dog toy– I have this on our list to get Luther for Christmas. I think it looks so entertaining!
  7. I pulled the trigger on the Furbo Dog Camera! This Christmas Luther/ we will be getting this fun yet smart toy. I can’t wait to utilized this while I am at work and when we are away.
  8. This therapeutic handheld massager is something I think Luther will LOVE. He loves massages so why not try this. It has great reviews.
  9. SPOIL your pup! Stella And Chewy are probably Luther’s favorite treats. Once in a while we get these smelly/ meaty treats for Luther. We have been training him to stop barking so these are the treats that we train him with. He loves the lamb but they have several other flavors.
  10. Cozy + Cute, drew is against Luther having a bed because he loves the couch, blankets and sleeps with us! But this bed I feel like he would really like because it is all those things he likes! I plan on getting him this one after our room is finished!
  11. Crate- Luther use to love car rides and I am not sure what happened changed but as he has gotten older he prefers a save place for him and this crate is breathable, stylish and affordable.
  12. Interactive treat snuffle mat– I thought this looked cute and fun for Luther and other dogs. It says it is durable but I am sure if you have a dog that is aggressive with toys this may not be for them. But it says it is but just a warning. I love that it is washable as well!



Gifting beauty products is so fun, I have so many options I wanted to share with you all. Here are several options for your sisters, friends or even co- workers! I am sharing some of my fav skincare items, makeup and other great products.

Best Beauty Gift Guide 2019

  1. Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads are an investment but they are worth it. I use peel pads at least 2 times a week to exfoliate my skin and keep it glowing.
  2. The perfect gift for someone who loves a low maintenance trick on keeping your face youthful! This Uplift massaging beauty roller is something I use weekly while I sit and watch TV. It really is something you do not need to put effort into.
  3. Buxon lip sets are my go- to on during the work week and on the weekends. This would be the perfect set for your GF, step sisters, co- worker or heck for yourself 😉
  4. I USE THIS 5/7 DAYS of the week! The colors are perfect for any outfit and the applications is seamless. This Naked3 palette is hands down my fav!
  5. SUMMER FRIDAYS= DEWY skin goodness! I have been using this nightly, no need to wash it off until the morning. You will thank me later!
  6. Talk about throwback! This cute Caboodle is to die for, this would be the perfect gift for the girl that doesn’t know what to do with all her makeup! I mean how cute is the ROSE GOLD.
  7. FRANNY- OH how I love my mini fridge– I keep all things from masks, eye patches, teeth whiting gel and my ice roller in this bad boy!
  8. Eyeshadow brushes – everyone could use a fresh new set, let’s be honest!
  9. Blendy blend- ALERT these are under $10 and they rock my socks off. Okay- they aren’t like Sephora blenders if I am being honest but hey they do the job and you can’t beat the price!
  10. Scrunchies are trending and these ones are great to sleep in without damaging your hair.
  11. Number 1 on my Christmas list this Starry eyes to Hypnotize eyeshadow palette is to die for. This combination of colors are stunning.
  12. Another item on my list is this blender dryer– it seems practical and cute to put in our new master bathroom.
  13. DAMN GIRL– I have been loving this mascara lately! If you are looking to replace yours or try a new one!

Happy shopping for those beauty lovers- see below even more options to shop from!

Hostess With The Mostest- Throwing a game day party can be fun and easy!

Let’s get real here if you find me at a football party it is most likely for the drinks and food! Don’t get me wrong I love rooting for the teams but my shirt says it all “I just hope both teams have fun!” I enjoy game days and the excuse to get together with friends to indulge in some tailgating foods.

I am partnering up with Joia Spirit to share with you how to be the hostess with the mostest during the football season and how you don’t need a lot to throw a successful gathering.

When it comes to setting out the perfect food, I always go with making one main appetizer, dips, snacks and one main attraction dish (hence the gorgeous graze board created by one of my favorite local gals from @grazingkc) to compliment all the colors we had going on.

My go to- appetizer is Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates Wrapped in Bacon. Not only is it an affordable app but super easy to whip together and a crowd pleaser! You can always find me eating the food 🙂

  • Goat Cheese
  • Dates
  • Bacon
  • Toothpicks

1. Preheat the oven to 420 degrees
2. Split the date in half
3. Stuff date with goat cheese
4. Cut bacon in half- wrap each date with a piece of half bacon
5. Place toothpick in middle of date to hold placement of bacon
6. Pop in the oven for 20 minutes

Football season = Fall season! When I have people come over to my house for gatherings I want the house to be welcoming, minimal decor and cozy. I picked up some cute football themed cups, popcorn holders and some fall signs!


Staying hydrated is key when you are munching all afternoon and watching the game! Joia Spirit has a flavor for everyone! All Joia Spirit cocktails are made with real spirits, simple, clean ingredients, and are naturally gluten free and vegan. They’re a modern twist on timeless, classic recipes– Amazingly refreshing premium cocktails ready whenever and wherever you choose. Each beverage is between 6% and 7% alcohol content.

Even Luther wanted a taste! Luther always wants to be in the know with what is going on.

Joia Spirit Original Cocktails
Moscow Mule- A bite of ginger. Engaging apricot. A squeeze of lime. Crisp, clear vodka lightly carbonated with a few bubbles.
Greyhound- Bright tangy grapefruit. A whisper of chamomile. A dash of cardamom.
Cosmopolitan– Sunny, tart cranberry. A polite note of pear. Refreshing lime.

Joia Spirit New Cocktails
Vodka Soda- An aromatic squeeze of fresh key lime. Crisp, clear vodka. 
Gimlet- Graceful, aromatic botanicals. The gentle tang of hibiscus. A zest of ginger. Crisp, refreshing gin
Margarita– Bright tangy tequila. A squeeze of lime. A hint of triple sec. 


  1. Don’t make it complicated, you never will do it again.
  2. Invite the right people.
  3. Beverages- Joia Spirit is the perfect option! A flavor for everyones taste buds!
  4. Food- as stated above VARIETY!
  5. Use paper products!! Less mess.
  6. Small details make a big difference.
  7. Crank the AC or turn down the heat!
  8. Put the food where people want to be!
  9. Remember people like to just be together.

Getting ready for this game day party was so simple, from the help of some local folks and Joia Spirit. Cheers to many more games this season indulging in yummy food and the perfect beverage to pair!

A big thanks to Joia Spirit for sponsoring this post!

Photos by Sheena Sheena Rae Photography

Sephora Summer Bonus Event

One of my favorite sales is happeing! Use code SUMMERSAVE for 15% off if you are VIB which I am. Or use same code for 20% off if you are Rouge status!


Old Navy Haul- Wishlist Fall 2019

I have fall on my mind and one of my favorite stores has some good deals as always! Last fall I wore my sherpa vest every other day and got so many questions in regards to it- unfortunately they did not have it least season but BABY IT IS HERE! I am so excited that it is back for y’all this is a great statement vest that I promise you, you will be wearing all Fall + Winter.

I love putting together these because they help me understand what you are all shopping for and what you love! Share below your favorite item here!

5 ways I styled my favorite pair of summer shorts

Do you own a pair of shorts you wear way too much? Well these are the shorts that I wear way too much but I cannot help it.  Linked below are exact shorts, and exact other items but keep in mind some say “similar” because the product is either out of stock or is a piece that I have owned for a while now! 🙂

shorts true to size wearing a 26 // summer shorts   
stripped shirt// tee
backpack// Rebecca Minkoff
sandals// white sandals
white tee// similar white button up
white tank// silk white tank
sweater tank// similar sweater tank



TRENDING- Biker Shorts

A trend I can get on board with. This style is so comfortable, fashionable and affordable.

1// The perfect grey color to match it all 2// This pale pink is such a good color for your summer glow 3// Camo is my guilty pleasure- it matches really any basic tee you own 4//   LEOPARD print is the trendiest pair we have here. This pattern is blowing up and I do not see it ending soon 5// Black and White Leopard again, this pattern can’t stop- won’t stop 6// NEON– last but not least, this color is thriving this summer.


Are you on board with this trend?

Skinny Marg Recipe

We have a heatwave coming our way and the news is saying the heat index is going to be 110 degrees. PHEW- so let’s cool down together with this Skinny Marg Recipe!

There’s no denying it that I am a tequila girl- so give me all the margaritas (and queso) and I am one happy gal. We had a dinner party a couple of months back and I was told there would be margaritas involved but little did I know they would be “skinny margs.” I have heard of that phrase but never had really indulged in a skinny marg- so I thought why not!

What makes them skinny? Tequila and water, okay and maybe some simple syrup… but really that is it!

What you will need to make a Skinny Margarita:

  1. Tequila (Jose Cuervo Especial- Blue Agave)
  2. Water
  3. Agave Simple Syrup (Found at your local store- target, hyvee, aldi)
  4. Limes

Step 1: Fill your cup with ice and 1 shot of tequila (or let’s be honest, you can add a shot or 2!)

Step 2: Add your Agave simple syrup desired amount- start with less and add more at the end if need be. (Found at Aldi, Hyvee, Target)

Step 3: Cut a lime in half.

Step 4: Squeeze lime over ice, tequila and simple syrup. Stir and you have yourself a skinny marg!




(recipe introduced to me by Alex Tesson)

Friday Favorites March Edition

It is apparent I love to shop and I LOVE a good deal so I am sharing with you all some of my favorite outfits that I bought in the month of March. See something you like? My sizes are detailed by each photo and the images are at the bottom where you can shop these looks!

How cute is this black jumpsuit? romper? Call it what you want- but everyone needs this in their life. (Wearing a size small)


Lululemon dupe joggers, Yes please! (Wearing a size small) I probably could go down one size if I wanted them tighter.

I love my “MIDWST” tee from my shop all tees are unisex and I am wearing a size small!

Matching pajamas are my go to lately. I want to donate a-lot of my tees I have right now and pants that don’t match. This set is cozy and very well priced. (wearing a size small)

This sweater is lightweight and perfect for transitioning into Spring! (wearing a size small)

OBSESSED with this jumpsuit! Is it not perfect for SPRING? (wearing a size small)

If you don’t know now you know leopard is not going anywhere on my platform. I am swooning over all the pieced I own now! (wearing a size small)

You can shop all my looks here!

Starbucks Chai Tea Latte Copycat Recipe

Chai Tea Copy Cat

I am so over spending $$$$ at Starbucks. Don’t get me wrong I love a good opportunity to take a picture with my Starbucks cup but shoot… a girls gotta budget and that means cutting daily spending at Starbucks.

Andrew recently got us a espresso machine… which has saved my butt! But I still was missing my Chai Tea lattes that I would get from Starbucks. I finally found out how they make it and you can buy all the ingredients at Target?! SAYY WHAT!

You can make a Starbucks Copy Cat Chai Tea Latte is 4 easy steps!

Step 1: Put your desired amount of ice in your choice of  cup, I use our mason jars when I am home and then a to go plastic cup when I am on the go.


Step 2: Fill the cup up half way with the Chai mix.


Step 3:  Fill the remaining cup up with your choice of milk. I prefer Vanilla Almond Milk.


Step 4: Stir it all together and there you go! That simple 🙂



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Happy #NationalPizzaDay friends! If there is one Drew and I can agree on the most it is our LOVE for pizza.

I recently had a vision of wanting a session with a few of my favorite things, Andrew, pizza, wine and RANCH! So I reached out to Jill a local KC photographer who is such an amazing  photographer- she trusted my vision along with her ideas and we made it happen!

FUN FACT: If you have followed me on my social media you will see that no matter the circumstances if Ranch is needed- I have it. Literally I carry it with me practically everywhere if I know there will be pizza.

There is just something about Hidden Valley ranch that is hard to beat!

When we were delivered these photos Jill titled it “Love is in the Ranch” I laughed out loud because it could not have been a better description!

Happy #NationalPizza day, go out and get your favorite and be sure to tag me today I love when people share their pizza love 🙂

Pizza- 1889
Space- Market Studio KC
Wine- Josh Cellars
RANCH- Hidden Valley
Photographer- Jill Caren Photo

Why We Take Christmas Photos- Happy Holiday’s

You aren’t married… you don’t have kids… blah blah. I get asked here and there why Andrew and I take Christmas photos. I wanted to share with you reasons why we do Christmas photos and also the perfect excuse to show you all theses amazing photos shot my the talented Beth Grimm!

Family and Friends- Since Andrew was born and raised in Michigan we do not see his family and friends as often. In general life gets crazy even when we do go home we do not get to see everyone, so we thought it would be a great way to check in with family and friends.

Memories– I love looking back on the past few years and how much we have changed and grown. Whether you’re married, not married, have kids or simply have a dog. It is so fun to look back each year and see how much has changed.

(Just caught that I was clearly flipping the camera off LOL)

Chance to dress up– I feel like the older we get the less opportunities we have to “dress up” so I always try to plan our outfits and pick a spot that is different than the year before.

Discovering new photographers– I love switching up photographers for all types of occasions. Everyone has their own style but yet I try to pick a photographer that has a similar esthetic that overall compliments my style and social media.

Focus on us- Photos are a good time to just be in the moment and not worry about anything else. When we worked with Beth that is exactly how she made us feel. I don’t think we have laughed that hard in a while.

Happy Holiday’s from my little family to yours.


Gifts for your Homebody Friend- GIFT GUIDE


Okay if anyone can love a good gift guide it is me. You all requested ALOT this year so I am going to do my best to help you all out! First as an avid homebody I was very excited about this gift guide. Whether you are shopping for your best friend, sister or mom! If they are a homebody there is something on this gift guide for them!

01// Slippers 02// Cozy Cardigian 03// True Roots 04// Coco Rose 05// Watermelon Glow Mask 06// All The Jingle Ladies 07// Cozy Blanket 08// Homebody Book 09// Uplift Nurse Jamie Roll 10// Mini Capri Blue Candle 11// Hydra Gel Eye Patches 12// Vitruvi Diffuser


Be Leaf It- Thanksgiving Style

Be leaf me or not, but I have been one busy bee. I have not wrote a blog post in over a month and there is  a V good reason for that!

Life has been a little crazy and I plan on writing a separate blog post for that! So  until then I am sharing with you my favorite Fall style dress.

This rust color corduroy overall dress is to cutest thing I think I have owned all season.

You can shop this outfit here!


Advance Screening of “Life Itself” COME WATCH A MOVIE WITH ME!

Come watch a movie with me- Free Tickets to “Life Itself” 9/19

Come watch a movie with me! You Are Invited- I will be hosting an advance screening to watch  “LIFE ITSELF” This upcoming Wednesday night! I  have 80 passes (40 admits 2) to giveaway, read below to claim yours!

ABOUT LIFE ITSELF:  As a young New York couple goes from college romance to marriage and the birth of their first child, the unexpected twists of their journey create reverberations that echo over continents and through lifetimes in LIFE ITSELF.

Director and writer Dan Fogelman (“This Is Us”) examines the perils and rewards of everyday life in a multigenerational saga featuring an international ensemble including Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde, Antonio Banderas, Annette Bening, Olivia Cooke, Sergio Peris- Mencheta, Laia Costa, Alex Monner and Mandy Patinkin. Set in New York City and Carmona, Spain, LIFE ITSELF celebrates the human condition and all of its complications with humor, poignancy, and love.  In Theaters September 21st.

Want to learn more about the film? Head to their social channels.
Website: www.LifeItself.Movie
Facebook – @lifeitselfmovie
Twitter – @lifeitselfmovie
Instagram – @lifeitselfmovie

Screening details
B&B Overland Park 16
(8601 W 135th St, Overland Park, KS 66223)
Wednesday, September 19 @ 7:30pm

You can get your tickets here! I hope to see you there, be sure to find me and say Hi! 

*if you need your ticketing code a 2nd time, use the text at the end of the link:  LayersAndLipstick

*you will need to create an Amazon Screenings account to redeem, if you don’t already have one.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Limit one (1), up to an admit-two pass per person, while supplies last.  A limited number of admit-two passes are available per code and once all passes are redeemed, the code will be invalid.  This film is rated R for language including sexual references, some violent images and brief drug use. Must be 17 years of age or older to receive pass.  Seating is available on a first-come, first served basis. Employees of all promotional partners and their agencies are not eligible. Void where prohibited.  SEATING IS LIMITED, SO ARRIVE EARLY. PASS DOES NOT GUARANTEE A SEAT AT THE SCREENING. Refer to screening pass for further restrictions.

Why we ditched our old mattress and went with Leesa

Who has slept on their bed for way to long? ME!

Who has put off getting a new bed for over 2 years now? ME!

Shopping let alone for a bed sucks, but I knew when we walked into West Elm it was for a reason- It was when we met Leesa. Have you heard of the brand? Leesa is a bed in a box company and for every 10th bed sold they donate one. And every time they sell a bed they plant a tree for every bed sold.

Not only when you buy a bed do you get to go home and get a good night sleep- you sleep better knowing you helped someone out!

I don’t know who or what I love more now? Our bed or Andrew? okay okay I am kidding- kind of  😉

We ended up going with the luxury style Sapira brand of Leesa because with my chronic back issues I needed something firm and supportive. Their original Leesa is great as well but not as firm (again which I needed).

It took  10 days for my body to really adjust to the new mattress. Lessa lets you try the mattress in your own home for 100 nights (risk-free!)  with free shipping! The bed is much more firm than my older bed where I used to sleep on such a broken in bed where each side dipped and Andrew and I would roll into the middle by the morning.

Luther was a little confused on what we were doing when we opened the bed- you guys the process of unboxing one of these is UNREAL. See the video below!

Does anyone else have a super jealous dog? Luther is so funny when it comes to Andrew and I being funny and messing around. Literally thinks we are hurting one another- ha!

Now that we have a good bed I am so excited to put the finishing touches on our room.

I am over the moon about this new mattress and love waking up feeling so refreshed!


Is it time for you to check into getting a new bed? Leesa has be so great and they are giving my followers a code – Use promo code MIKAJADE for $130 off! Head over to their site to learn more about what Leesa has to offer!


I feel like this year is going to be the best one yet- let’s be honest I think I say that every year! I felt so special last weekend on my birthday, thanks to all of you.

I planned out the entire weekend with family and friends.

We went to such a beautiful spot for dinner 1889 Pizza Napoletana with family. You guys this restaurant is so trendy and delicious (of course I forgot to take pictures of the 7 pizza’s we ordered! I promise if you go here you will not be disappointed.


I am so blessed to be surrounded by great friends and family. I wish for nothing but good health and to be surrounded by even more love this year. Thank you all for making me feel so loved and thank you to those who helped me celebrate the entire weekend.

My hopes for my 26th year on this earth:

    • Great health
    • Volunteer.
    • Creating more friendships and meeting new people.
    • Focusing more on myself and things that make me happy.
    • Not letting fear get in the way of things that I have been wanting to do.
    • Read More.
    • Less screen time.
    • Attending more events to better myself as a creative and as a person.
    • Getting closer to god.
    • Taking more meaningful trips.
    • Documenting more day to day events.


Balloons- Pink Antler Studio

How do you celebrate you birthday?

How do you prefer to celebrate your birthday?
I heard after you turn 25, birthdays only go downhill from there? Well not for this girl. I am now 26 and thriving- feeling like the best is yet to come. I always find a reason to celebrate an occasion especially the day of my birth. You don’t get years back so why be down on your age? I understand that birthdays can be a touchy subject, depending who you’re talking to. Everyone has their own rhyme and reason.

I will be spending my birthday surrounded by friends and family this year- which is my favorite way to spend it. We typically go out to eat, have cake and celebrate!

I would love to hear from you, are you the type that celebrates or do you skip it? I’d love to know your favorite way to celebrate your birthday!

Affordable DIY SHUTTER Tutorial


For a while now I have been wanting to make our house a home. To make it complete on I have always pictured the front exterior a certain way. I have envisioned making DIY shutters for our home ever since we moved in two years ago.

I have been doing my research on these DIY shutters for a while now- almost discouraged because it seemed like a big task. It was actually a  breeze and with some help from the kind people at Home Depot, Andrew, and my dad we completed the task!

Andrew and I call Home Depot our second home because we are ALWAYS there- and to be honest I can’t say one bad thing about Home Depot they are always so helpful. Our favorite thing is that they are dog-friendly, Luther LOVES the workers there.

Let’s get to it!

What you will need:

  • Wood
  • Stain
  • Large width brush
  • Stain Cloths
  • Nail Gun
  • Drill
  • Galvanized screws (brown- depending on the color of stain) 
  • Ladder

Step 1: Measure your windows from top to bottom.

We prefer the wood to be flush- from top to bottom, but some people leave some room on the top and bottom of the windows when measuring. The average width is about 12 inches we went actually 15 inches due to the style I was trying to pull off. 

Step 2: Pick out your wood.

We chose to go with Cedarwood- it is durable and already treated. After talking with multiple workers their they suggested the cedar over the pine due to it being best for the exterior. * Note if you do get a wood that is not treated you will need to treat it properly so it can stand weather conditions. 

Step 3: Cut your wood- or have Home Depot cut it (that is what we did)

Step3: Stain Wood

Picking out stain was so stressful for me (big commitment) ha! We picked out a stain that complemented the exterior of our house color. We chose a brighter stain to make the wood pop. (Let stain sit and apply as needed to get to ideal color).

Step 4: Assemble Wood (After Stain Sits)

Line up 3 boards width and two across the top and bottom. This is where you use the nail gun. (As you will see I used the width of the boards to space out the wood to the desired width.)


Step 5: Nail to the House (You will need the galvanized screws and Drill and ladder)

* We chose the brown galvanized screws so they would blend with the wood and the great thing about getting galvanized screws is that they will not rust and run down on the wood making it look rusty.




Get to know Mika Jade- Some things I love.

Hi friends, on social media things, can look one way or another and maybe sometimes you don’t know who I am and what I like…so I wanted to share with you some things I love!

Learn more about me and I would love to hear what we have in common!

Coming home to Luther and Andrew after a long day.
Going to the movies randomly.
Sushi dates.
Hearing my sweet niece and nephew say my name.
Writing random cards to my sweet friends.
Obsessed with Ranch.
Talking to my grandma on the way home from work.
Listening to my playlist while editing.
Going on walks.
Paddling boarding in Michigan early mornings on the crips lake.
Encouraging others to follow their dreams.
I love bright lipstick (I don’t wear it as often as I would like).
Meeting new people.

Cuddling up in bed and Luther snuggling up to Andrew and I.
Being a younger sister and learning from two older sisters.
Being an auntie.
Thai Food.
I love dermatology.
Grocery shopping on a weeknight.
Binge watching shows.
Curling my hair.
Bath bombs.
Chai Tea Latte.
Online shopping.
Collecting Stationary.
Date nights with my dad.
Re-organizing rooms.
Helping others with their future plans.
Going to church.
Sister Time.
Road trips.

Can you say you knew those things about me?  I hope you learned a little more about me. I would love to hear what we have in common, share below!

2018 Summer Beauty Favorites from Beauty Brands


We all know the summers here in Kansas can be sultry so I have partnered up with Beauty Brands to talk about my favorite summer beauty products that help me beat the heat!

Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream This one is a game changer it is super lightweight and helps moisturize your hair while creating a soft look for natural styles. This is the perfect oil to brush through your hair to help flyaway’s- do not use a lot it can make your hair greasy if you apply too much!

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray– With this heat I know I do not like to blow dry my hair all time so I use the Bumble and Bumble Surf spray to create a natural beauty look. You apply it to damp hair and let it air dry. I love keeping this in my bag to spray in my hair after getting it wet from the pool so all day I will keep the natural wave.

Luther clearly wanted to be in on the shoot as well.


Living Proof Restore Instant Protection- If you have never used a product to protect your hair from your heating tools I recommend this. It not only helps protect against the heat but as well against UV rays and humidity (Y’all the humidity here has been HORRIBLE so this will be your best friend!)

NYX Matte Makeup Spray– This matte spray provides a gorgeous shine-free matte finish that is very lightweight and ensures that your makeup stays put throughout the day/ night.  All you have to do is spray this over your face after you apply your makeup, it’s that easy!

Make Up Eraser– Do you ever struggle with taking off your makeup? I know I have. I ditched the makeup removers that burn my eyes and found my self the Make Up Eraser. I wish I would have recorded myself using this for the first time because my mind was blown. It removes EVERYTHING, waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation you name it! All you have to do is get it wet and wipe off your face to get a clean face, I of course then follow with my cleanser. To clean the Make Up Eraser  you simply throw it in the wash every week.

SuperGoop! Everyday Sunscreen- Ever since starting my blog I became more aware of my skin and making sure I am using good products especially ones that protect my face from the sun. I have been religious with sunscreen. This lightweight everyday sunscreen you can put on before applying your makeup. Plus is it is oil-free so it doesn’t make your face feel like it has anything on it! It’s a win, win! Protect your skin people!

Tart Lights Camera Splashes Waterproof 4-in-1 Black Mascara Last but not least, on the far right we have one of my favorite mascaras that stays on through rain, sweat and tears! It lengthens, curls and volumizes as well as conditions your eye lashes to give you stunning lashes. Perfect mascara for a pool day!

A few reasons why I love Beauty Brands:

  • Beauty Brands, is Kansas City born.
  • Beauty Brands carries premium brands like Moroccanoil, Pureology, Redken, Living Proof, Matrix, Tigi,Sexy Hair and more.
  • Beauty Brands offers a curated assortment of prestige cosmetic and skincare brands like bareMinerals, Tarte, Smashbox, Elizabeth Arden, Murad, Dermalogica, Peter Thomas Roth and more.
  • They have Annual Liter Sale’s and one is actually happening NOW through August 18th where you can save up to over 70% on 250+ branded shampoo, conditioners, bather and body favorites!

Because I partnered with them on this segment and blog post they have been so gracious to gift my followers 20% off a service! All you have to do is click here to claim it-  Layers and Lipstick 20% off Service

What I am wearing-  Perfect Pajama Set Click Here


Mother’s Day For Dog Mom’s

Do you know someone who loves their dog more than life? Well, then this gift guide is for you.

1. Made By Mary Dog Necklace


2. Dog Mom Shirt

3. Personalized Dog Mug

4. Fur Mama Car Decal

5. Customizable Dog Magnets

6. Door Mat


7. Dog Wood Art Work

8. I Only Love My Bed + My Mama

9.Dog Bone Leash Holder

10. Dog Food Storage


My morning “me time” just got even sweeter!

This post has been sponsored by Coffee-mate® Creamers. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

We are halfway to the weekend and I am so ready to unwind. Do you live for the weekends like me? I think I look forward to the weekend when Monday morning arrives, ha! This weekend I could not be more excited to relax and sip on some coffee featuring my new favorite creamers.

Are you a coffee lover? Do you like to add a little sweetness to your coffee? Well, guess what, Coffee-mate® Creamers just came out with 3 new dessert-inspired flavors at Walmart and I am obsessed. Oh my yum. One thing you should know about me, and if you don’t, now you’ll know… I LOVE to shop whether that be for groceries, clothes, or basics, and Walmart is one my go-to places. They have affordable prices, variety and all the goods that make them a one-stop shop for any needs on your list. And they happen to carry the aforementioned creamers, too.

Coffee-mate® Creamers just released a line of Dessert Creamers in Coconut Caramel Latte creamer, Toasted Marshmallow Mocha, and Cookies & Cream flavors. Talk about melting in your mouth!  I may be a rare breed but I am not a “black coffee” type gal–give me all the sweets to add to my morning coffee and I’ll be happy! You can head to your local Walmart and purchase one of these 3 scrumptious flavors, heck get all three! You can find them in the dairy section. Oh! And be sure to look for the Coffee-mate in-store sampling event happening May 10-13th, too.

If I could describe each of these Coffee-mate® Creamers in one word…

Coconut Caramel Latte- Devine
This one instantly turns your simple, at-home coffee into a trendy and expensive-tasting latte. The coconut and caramel are the perfect compliment to each other. And the flavors kind of remind me of my favorite Girl Scout cookie.

Toasted Marshmallow Mocha- Savory
This creamer reminds me of summer nights by the firepit. It is the perfect amount of sweet!

Cookies & Cream- Delectable
Like ice-cream in your coffee–I just can’t get enough of this flavor! This one might be my favorite.

My weekend morning routine consists of this gal waking up to the fresh smell of the coffee pot going- thanks to Andrew. When I smell that, my feet are on the ground and I am up, and now that I have Coffee-mate® Creamers at the tip of my fingers, I get even more excited to wake up!

I choose to start my weekend on a positive note by creating “me time.” Whether that is reading a book (I honestly had to start my book over because it has been so long since I have picked it up), scrolling through social media (my guilty pleasure), or simply taking a deep breath by looking out the window, I find time to do one of those many things with my coffee in hand.

I am a huge advocate for creating “me time” I sometimes am the WORST at making that time for myself but when I do, boy do I love it. Balance is key on the weekends for me. That consists of just enough coffee to get my day started!

Is it just me or are all these colors and images on the packaging an eye-catcher? The packaging just makes my mouth water…

One thing I am excited about is to try these is in my iced coffee when the weather gets warmer here in KC. It really has not felt like Spring here, which is super disappointing.

Head to your nearest Walmart location to purchase the newest creamers added to the Coffee-mate® Creamers family. And head here  for even more inspiration and details about the new Coffee-mate Dessert Creamers!


Spring has sprung and it does not feel like it, my friends! I feel like I have been wanting Spring as soon as Winter started, haha who is with me? I hear we are going to get a beautiful Saturday but then Sunday possibly getting snow?!


I posted this outfit about a week back and talked about how I was feeling so insecure. I am not sure what triggered it but it really sucked. I talked about how pictures don’t always portray what is really going on in the photos.

I was a hot mess and was being so SASSY with Andrew… I am so blessed that he takes my photos a majority of the time because he gets me and knows how to make me smile when I am feeling down.



I found this outfit at TJMAXX- minus the shoes they are from Target. When I find an entire outfit at TJMAXX I  feel super successful on a shopping spree. I recently did a poll over on my Instagram asking you ladies if you shop my outfits or just look it was about 50/50 so I am going to try and find more clothes that I can link for you gals that are looking for similar items or exact items I am wearing!


This outfit is so simple chic to me. You can wear it almost anywhere and mix up the shoes with a bright color or throw on a coat to mix it up! Still looking for a last minute outfit, find a pair of light or dark paired jeans in your closet, go get yourself a pretty white blouse or light easter color and throw on some short heals!

Favorite places to shop for similar items like these: Target, Old Navy, Gap, TJMAXX, Lucky Brand, H&M, JCREW, Madewell.

I hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend with your loved ones.




Who knew brushing your teeth could be so much fun? Especially when you have matching ones from Quip! Did you know most people don’t take care of their teeth properly? You either brush too hard, unevenly, not long enough or don’t brush often enough! 

I actually think my dental hygiene got better after dating Andrew no lie. He is ALWAYS brushing his teeth so I had to step up my game LOL.

Quip has different options on the color choice which I really like, I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten which toothbrush was mine because we had the same colors… I chose the copper metal and Andrew chose the slate metal color. One thing I really like is the nifty dual-use cover that comes with them (not the plastic tube the base that it is in) which makes traveling with your electric toothbrush easier.

Did you know that you should brush your teeth for 2 minutes at a time? The Quip has sensitive vibrations that use a built-in timer to pulse every 30 seconds and turn off after 2 minutes, helping guide a full and even clean.

How cool, you can mount the case to your mirror at home using a micro-suction strip! The subscription actually delivers new tubes of toothpaste as well when you run out.

Quip has made our life easier instead of running to the store every so often to go pick up new toothbrushes we get new brush heads delivered right to our door!

Dentist recommends that you change your bristles after 3 months because bristles become worn out and ineffective at cleaning. Why not pay $5 with free shipping for your bristles to be automatically refreshed.

Go getcha- self a Quip toothbrush!

Shop my look:
Comfy Pants //




Luther Nash Turns 2

Where has the last 2 years gone? Happy Birthday Luther Nash. Becoming a dog mom I have learned so much and gained such a great responsibility.

Andrew and I are in disbelief that this dude once was the size of our forearm. We have watched several home videos of the moments we have documented and are pinching ourselves on how fast time has gone by.

Of course we spoiled him with a peanut butter cake from Three Dog’s Bakery.Yes I know the 2 is backwards but running from the tripod and picking up the prop I was not prepared! LOL

I know I have said it probably way to much, but we got so lucky with Luther. He is seriously practically perfect- well no one/ dog is perfect but I have no complaints. Okay well maybe his breath sometimes and his barking but goodness- he’s so CUTE. Drew claims I love Luther more than him… and I just say “It is a different type of love.” Am I right? haha

Can I admit something- for the entire year up until a couple days when he turned one I thought his birthday was February 21… then I started looking through emails with his breeder and realized it was the 22! THE ENTIRE TIME WE HAD HIM I THOUGHT IT WAS THE 21st…for the first year NOPE the 22nd LOL! Dog mom of the year 😉 

Happy Birthday Luther Nash- Thanks for making me a dog mom and responsible human being.


You do you! | Monday Mantra

You do you! You heard me, I didn’t hesitate! Do you ever feel like you don’t do enough for yourself? I have been in a rut lately with life. Trying to figure out where I belong and what my purpose is. Of course that all can’t just fall into your lap- or for some of you maybe it already has! But for me, it has not, so I have begun to do more for myself to figure out what makes me feel more at ease and a better person.

First I found a new hobby- Reading. I shared with you all on my Instagram that I picked up the book “Big Magic” and I am hooked! I haven’t gotten to deep into it to tell you what it is all about but what I have gained thus far is Elizabeth Gilbert, the author is a badass. The book is already so motivating.

Secondly, I started working out! It has been 6 months, let me repeat SIX MONTHS since I have completed an actual work out due to my back being unstable. It felt amazing. I started working out at Barre3 Kansas City- Barre is a core and balance workout that is low impact but man I felt the burn! This past week I took 2 classes and I felt at peace after each class and my back felt some release.

Thirdly I surprised Andrew this weekend with a day date! I sometimes get comfortable with us and our relationship and forget to be spontaneous. I took Andrew to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art where they currently have the “Through the Eyes of  Picasso” exhibit. Andrew has a deep love for art so I knew he would be tickled. Spontaneity is key in relationships- I need to step up my game! HA ( so this is me trying, baby steps!)

Lastly, I went and got a massage yesterday- mind you I won this massage but have told myself that I need to start doing a ritual once a month to pamper myself. Why? Because I deserve it. You deserve it!

These steps of finding yourself may be different, but find that sense of peace where you can just take a deep breath and relax. I have found that it not only is going to create more patience for myself but be good for my overall work life, my relationship and friendships.

I hope you all have a great Monday, take my advice. You do you!

Travel Diary- Graduate Hotel Stay | Lincoln Nebraska

 I have always been a firm believer that a mini get-away is good for the soul and I always tell others that but never really do it for myself. Well, I finally did a couple weeks back. Andrew and I went to Nebraska for a one night stay at the Graduate Hotel. Our minds were blown by how unique this hotel was. Just walking in you were greeted with kind staff and bright decor. The Graduate Hotels reside in the most dynamic university towns across the country.

When we got to our room we probably spent about 15 minutes noticing all the little quirks the room had. The interior designer of this hotel did not miss a beat.

The main lobby was to die for. I have never been in awe when walking into a hotel until I walked into the Graduate.

I wanted to bring this emerald green couch home. I noticed the cornhusk drapes (Nebraska Cornhuskers) so cool seeing the Lincoln traditions being incorporated into these rooms.  We were obsessed with this couch if you couldn’t tell!

How groovy is this pool, it makes me want to buy a high waisted bathing suit, throw my hair up in a tall bun and kick back and relax with a big pair of sunglasses on! Ha!

When I walked in to see all the bright pastels my heart was so happy. Sad news, I forgot my swimsuit we realized as we were running through our list of things when we were on the road. That just gives us an excuse to go back this summer!

Thank you Graduate Hotel for the accommodations on our one night stay- the staff was superb. Andrew and I had a blast, we will be back again!

If you are looking for a good get-away but not too far from home, I can’t say this enough, stay at the Graduate. They have several different locations including Lincoln- Nebraska, Ann Arbor- Michigan, Chicago just to name a few. You can check out their website here Graduate Hotel to book your trip to the one closest to you.


The Perfect Sweater Weather

I love a good sweater, especially when it is affordable and comfy! I have linked some affordable cozy sweaters/ cardigans below that I know you are going to just love!

Early this week I asked you all to send me questions that you want to know about Andrew and I. Whether that be about us individually you want to know, or about our relationship in general! We are excited to film this video. We had plans to do it around Christmas but this gal got sick so we have postponed it to this weekend! If you have any last minute questions, comment below questions or feel free to shoot me an email as well to! We want to hear from you 🙂

We love that you guys want to hear more about us and we look forward to sharing our story <3 Have a happy Tuesday!

Photos by Keshia Pietz <3

Linked below are some great picks from H&M !


Christmas Cards|| 2017

I know I know, we are not married and we do not have kids so why do we do Christmas cards?! 3 years ago we decided to send them out. Curious why? Well, the year Andrew moved down here was when we started because he is from Michigan and has a big family. We thought his family would love it and love to receive snail mail. Of course any chance I get to take photos with this handsome devil I take it. The last two years we have had Mr. Luther and I think he makes them 😉 Oh and of course Andrew’s awesome mustache this year LOL.

This was the first year I had a vision that came to life, the fun dress, the greenery, and the scene was perfect.

This was one vision that FAILED haha but it was hilarious. The wreath hole was way to small, haha. Bless his little heart, he was so confused.

I mean look at him! As much crap I gave him for that dang mustache it really did make our pictures even better.

Find a guy who looks at you this way <3 My heart, Luther loves the camera. I was nervous because I am always the one taking our photos or his and he did awesome with Kiesha.

Being a photographer I am very choosy with who takes my photos because I am a perfectionist. I was blown away when Keshia Pietz Photography when she sent me these photos. They were so on point with my vision. Photos hold a dear place in my heart and one thing I tell everyone is PRINT PRINT PRINT YOUR PHOTOS. Yes, the digital world is great, but I love printing my photos, making books paper cover books.

I send photos all the time to Andrew’s family and my mom who lives out of town as well.  I wanted to share some of my favorite places to print precious moments and gift those special moments below.
Minted–  15% off all gifts.
Shutterfly– 50% off Cards, Gifts etc.
Snapfish– Currently having 60% off entire site! Great deal!
Chatbooks- All regular books are only $10! Perfect gift for grandma, mom or dad!


Do I really need that Chai Tea Latte?

Happy Thursday! Does anyone else feel that this week has been dragging or is it just me?! If you watched my Instagram stories this morning you would have seen I experienced something I never have before, and it really made me think.

On cold mornings I typically order a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks on the mobile device app and by the time I get there it is waiting for me. Well, this morning I noticed that my chai latte was sitting in front of someone already. I politely asked in a funny tone if her name was Mika as well, because what would the odds be? She didn’t respond to me… and everyone at this point was paying attention. She continued to eat her muffin and not respond to me. I then asked again if that was her coffee and she just looked at me.

I eventually just grabbed it and was like well I am pretty sure it is mine… and she responded with a sassy tone while eating her muffin “okay.” I am all for giving around this time of the season matter of fact any season! But when you are rude and “stealing” come on.

Now looking back I wish I would have maybe approached the situation differently and just gave it to her.  It is a coffee, something I can get when I get to work or I don’t even need. Maybe she needed it?!

Sometimes it takes me time to reflect on situations and being salty about the situation I think is okay to a degree, but I stepped back and then thought of every case and why that happened to me this morning. We focus on little things more than we maybe should, and instead of me being obsessive about the whole scenario I just need to brush it off.

I mean my heart is breaking for all the people in California losing there belongings and houses, and here I am focusing on a damn latte.

One thing to take away from today’s post is to be thankful for the little things. Don’t obsess over things you cannot change. Choose happiness, it will take you far. And pray for those all over the world facing a difficult time.

I hope you all have a great Thursday.

This sweater is currently under $15! SAY WHATTT?!

Photos by the lovely Shanley Cox

Holiday Gift Guide For Her// 2017 Gift Guides

Cyber Monday got holiday shopping on my mind. When it comes to creating holiday content – that means one thing– gift guides! Today I am sharing some of my favorite picks for the season that would make precious gifts for all the gals in your life!
Take a peek at these adorable finds and feel free to click on the image to shop the exact product! Hope you enjoy and let me know in the comments what other types of gift guide you are excited to see this season.

Holiday Gift Guide// 2017 Gift Guide

Today on Fox 4, I shared the perfect gifts to give to your loved ones who love to host!  Below you will see items ranging from $8-$50! These are perfect gifts for the bakers in your family and mixologists!

At Home Mixologist- Gift 

MAKO Shot Glass Tray, $10,

  • Forgot to freeze your Vodka? Keep the Shot Glass Ice Tray in your freezer and you’ll never have to struggle through a warm shot again
  • Makes four ice shot glasses

MAKO Coasters – $6

  • Set of 4 cork coasters with dipped designs
  • Naturally, soft material won’t scratch surfaces

Perfect Gift for the Baker in the family!

Taylor Weighing Bowl Scale, $49.95,

·         8 cup capacity brushed stainless steel bowl is perfect for weighing and mixing

·         Bowl is contoured for easy, mess-free pouring

·         Scale can also be used without the bowl

·         11 lb capacity weighs 0.1 oz increments


Chef’n Sweet Sheet 3-in-1 Baking Sheet, $19.99,

  • Serves as a baking sheet, silicone mat and cooling rack all in one!
  • Square inch grid works as spacing aid
  • Dishwasher safe

Hostess gift- 

Rabbit Insulated Wine Tote – $8
·         Insulating Neoprene Keeps Wine Cold for Up to 4-Hours

·         Fits on 25oz/750mL Wine Bottles and 22oz/651mL Beer Bottles

·         Stretches to Fit Champagne Bottles

·         Comfortable Carrying Handle

·         Stores Flat, Machine Washable

NEW! Josh Cellars North Coast Reserve, $19.99

Features aromas of fresh black cherries, black currant, rose petal, and roasted walnuts. The palate has rich flavors of black cherries, toasted hazelnuts, fresh sage, mocha, and subtle vanilla and oak flavors.

Thank you so much for tuning in to Fox 4 this morning! You won’t want to miss next month’s segment!












Legends Outlet Mall- Fall Picks and Why Fall is my favorite season.

I mean look at these colors?! Why wouldn’t Fall not be my favorite season? For starters the colors in the leaves are breathtaking and growing up in Northern Michigan I was so lucky to have experienced breathtaking Fall season. I sure do miss those days. But KC you still are beautiful during the Fall.
Call me crazy but being a “Blonde” I was always opposed to wearing mustard yellow anything but as of late I have really been obsessed with this color and realized I could totally pull it off! I got this shirt recently on my shopping haul with Legends Outlet Mall at Old Navy.

Tip of the day: Always try on something you think you would never wear because I am sure it will look great and it doesn’t hurt to try! This vest is the perfect layering piece to any shirt or sweater. It is so cozy, let me tell ya!

They also have a similar long jacket right now that I am going to go back and get. 

Legends Outlet Mall is your one-stop shop when shopping for Fall statement pieces. They have such great deals and with the holiday’s coming up it is a perfect time. When I went as mentioned above I had to stop by one of my favorite stores Old Navy and picked up some items that will be statement pieces in my closet this season.

Linked below are the items <3 Be sure to head to their stores since limited sizes are online <3

Quilted Sherpa Vest (Limited sizes) I am wearing a size small! // Rebecca Meekhof Bagback Purse// Mustard Yellow quarter sleeve (I am wearing a size small) //


Photos by the lovley Shanley Cox

Staying Organized- 2018 Refresh Weekly Planner

If  you know me, you know I am OBSESSED with stationary, notebooks and planners. Well I am very particular when it comes to my yearly planner. When  I got my hands on this timeless planner JLynn Designery – 2018 Refresh Weekly Planner (Botanical) I FELL IN LOVE. 
This planner is broken out by months, weeks and days. Staying organized is key in my life, working a full time job, running a photography business and keeping up with my blog I most definatly have to stay organized. 

Fun fact: Markers do not seep through these pages- GAME CHANGER.

Do you like setting goals? I know I do! I almost have to, to get myself through the months. There is a page at the beginning for each month that you can set up goals for that particular month.  I actually started filling mine out for December already, it is a perfect way to hold yourself accountable.

If you are a planner and love to stay organized I highly recommend JLynn Designery! She also has notebooks, list pads, inspirational pens and pencils, and a wedding planner!
One thing I love about Jenna’s products is that they can fit anyones lifestyle. Whether your working on a side hustle, stay at home mom or boss babe you name it! These planners will change your life no matter what stage of life you are in.

Some fun news Jenner is doing a GIVEAWAY: Enter to win a 2018 Refresh Weekly Planner of your choice! This is the perfect time to take action and start planning for the new year. All entries must follow the rules on provided on this Instagram post, and bonus entries may be earned by sharing the giveaway and tagging @jlynndesignery in your post on Instagram. The giveaway ends on Sunday, 11/12 at 9pm CST, and the winner will be announced Monday, 11/13.

GIVEWAY LINK- INSTAGRAM – This link will take you straight to her Instagram account for the giveaway!

Photos by the lovely Shanley Cox–
Shaley Cox- Instagram

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Fall Must Haves

WHAT IS UP WITH THIS WEATHER! I am ready for FALL. Bomber jackets, booties, colored jeans and fab earrings. If you missed it this morning I was on Fox 4 talking about Fall’s must haves. Some fun things I talked about are right here in KC!

I am obsessed with these light weight earrings from Nickel & Suede. Here  in the picture above I am wearing their cork earring. I have linked below some of their new Fall released earrings.

Gold Cork Earring

Antique Brass Gem Earring

Camo Earring

Signature Gold Gem Earring

They have many more earrings and accessories on their website and their store in Liberty, MO.

I also talked this morning about colored pants, bomber jackets, and how the Fall “It” color is going to be red! I don’t know about you but red is not my color, but the more I see things online it totally can be trendy!

The clothing you see in my images is from Shop Scoobie, you can find them out in Leawood at a store called Trendz or their downtown location The Garment District.

( I will be sharing a few outfits through out the week individually in posts, stay tuned!)

A few beauty products I talked about as well were the JAFRA Eye shadow duo set that is the perfect transition shadow from Summer to Fall.




I always have a blast working with such fun companies and being able to share with you all this months Fall must haves.

Stay tuned for next months segment 🙂


My go to earrings!

Good morning loves! I am just swooning over these army green pants (they have a stretchy waist line) and this frill shirt!

If you have not heard about Nickel and Suede you are missing out. These earrings have changed my life. No joke, I have 4 holes in each ear… I use to be obsessed with earrings but they just kept pulling on my ear lobs and I HATE that look.These earring are flexible and light weight, I sometimes even forget I even have them in!

These pants and shirt are from Shop Scoobie and my shoes of course are Franco Sarto  <3 This is the perfect Fall transition outfit. I have on my to-do list this weekend to unpack my Fall/ Winter bin and go through some things. I think I enjoy cleaning out my closet more than ever when it comes to this time of the year.

I hope y’all have a great Thursday!








Fall Jord Watch Giveaway- Mens Watch

Happy 1st weekend of FALL! This giveaway is for a $100 off gift code, one winner will be closed September 30th. Everyone else who enters will receive a consolation code of $25 off gift code! Keep scrolling to enter 🙂

How handsome is this guy!! 

The watch Andrew is wearing is  here!

Since Andrew’s golden birthday is coming up I wanted to gift him this watch. The fact that he is already obsessed with the brand, I love it. If you missed it I did a Spring giveaway myself.

Sometimes Andrew has better style then me ha, true statement. We are so funny, I love it when he asks my opinion on outfit. When a guy can dress up and dress down and look good, you got my heart 😉

Here is the link to enter the giveaway! Christmas is right around the corner, this would be the perfect gift for you significant other, or yourself (there are more watches on their site)

Link to giveaway:

Michigan Summer 2017|| Vlog


YAY! Our blog is finally live from our trip to Michigan. I could watch this over and over!! For those of you who missed it, Andrew and I headed up to Michigan because he was in a wedding and we wanted to spend some time with family. Getting home hasn’t been the easiest for us due to full time jobs and simply life but when we go home we try to make the best of it with plenty of family time <3

Living home away from home has it’s ups and downs but going home and seeing all the babes and family members makes our hearts so full.  One thing we know is that no matter what family will always be there for us. We are both so thankful for the support with living in KC. Someday I know we will be back to the mitten, someday… Enjoy our vlog!

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The Work Outfit You Can Wear On The Weekend Too

Happy Wednesday. Let’s talk about jumpers real quick and how they are the perfect wardrob staple you can wear to work and on the weekend!  To say I am obsessed with jumpers is an understatement. They are perfect to dress up or wear casually, just toss on a sweater or jean jacket for work! This romper is CURRENTLY on sale!  I paired this simple romper with a small heal slip on shoe and this fun bag pack purse. You guys I wear this purse everywhere.  I never thought I would use it as much as I do now.



You guessed right, today is my birthday! The big 2-5, I feel like I literally just got use to saying I was 24. I have heard more times than not that this year is going to be the best one yet, or either I am going to have a mid life crisis. Whatever god throws at me I think I will be okay. Hey! I get to rent a car hassle free also I have heard, ha! Be sure to keep scrolling to find out more about the birthday girl. Below I am sharing 25 lessons I have learned in the last year. (Dress and Shoes Linked Below)

Twenty- Five is a year to challenge myself to really  look at life with purpose. I find myself getting caught up in planning my future I forget to be in the moment. I get anxiety just thinking about it. We all are  guilty of this. Yes we need to plan for the future in a way but my goodness I find myself focusing on that more that anything.



25 things I learned upon turning 25!
  1. Take care of yourself first, your mind, body and soul.
  2. Never settle.
  3. Surround yourself with people who love you, respect you and value you.
  4. Some people just really suck.
  5. Good things happen when you work your butt off!
  6. When a new opportunity comes you way, take it. You never know until you try.
  7. Saving money is hard! One of my goals is to improve my budgeting habits.
  8. Never be afraid to ask, the worst thing they will say is no.
  9. Find time to just have fun!
  10. Don’t waste your time on something you don’t like. Life is way to short.
  11. Fine peace within yourself.
  12. Grocery shopping is my happy place, and so is shopping for anything else! Hence #7… budgeting…
  13. Be different, god chose all of us to have a talent and purpose. Find that and run with it.
  14. You can always go back home.
  15. Kombucha is life.
  16. Anxiety sucks.
  17. Family really is everything. I am so thankful for my crazy loving family.
  18. I love being a dog mama.
  19. Don’t judge a book by its cover. You always hear that but with the way social media is now a days you see so much and think so much.
  20. You can’t control everything.
  21. Surround myself with like minded people.
  22. Brunch is the best part of the day (on the weekend)
  23. I love going to bed early. Sleep is so good for the soul.
  24. Taking time for myself.
  25. Be proud of who I am, who I have become and am still becoming. 20s are not easy. Everything happens for a reason.

My Dress : Lulus (only a few left)
Shoes: Target Comes in Black, Blue and Nude!


Rosé All Day

Good Morning! Thank you so much for tuning in this morning on KSHB 41.
Here is recap of the Rosé you can find and also fun pairing ideas and the Rosé Rebel Cocktail recipe!

Rosé season means being outdoors, entertaining, with friends and family, all of these bottles are perfect for summer gatherings and are sure to be crowd pleasers. The great things about these bottle is they are all under $20! 

Sauvion Rosé ($11)

  • Affordable, quality wine from the Loire Valley in France
  • Balanced rosé with refreshing acidity
  • Pairing Idea: Grilled Turkey Burger

Château Bonnet Rosé ($13)

  • Blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon produced by Andre Lurton
  • Light bodied with food-friendly acidity
  • Pairing Idea: Grilled Vegetables

Josh Cellars Rosé ($15)

  • Blend of Barbera, Moscato and Syrah
  • This is a crisp rosé with fruity flavors of strawberry, peach and citrus
  • Pairing Idea: Seafood (shrimp cocktail, oysters, or steamed clams).

Rebel Rosé Cocktail

  • Add the following to a cocktail shaker:
  • 4 oz Josh Rose
  • 1.5 oz Redemption Bourbon
  • 1 oz Licor 43 ( I personally like a little of Licor, so I only added 1/2oz.)
  • Pour over ice, top with a splash grapefruit juice, garnish with a grapefruit peel


For more tips, visit 

10 Healthy Habits To Balance Your Lifestyle

10 Healthy Habits

I don’t know about you but I sometimes bite off more than I can chew. I often try to combine too many changes, work, social life and my hobbies. So today I am sharing with you 10 Healthy habits to create  more balance in your day-to day life.

Go for a walk in the Morning and at night for 30 minutes at least, or more!
Walking for me in the morning or after work has been a way to let out negative energy and try hard not to interact with my phone and disconnect!

Drink water throughout the day!
It is recommended to dirnk  eight- 8 ounces a day. Some people who hate water, so for an alternative grab those flavored packages that are no calories and drink away!

10 Healthy Habits

Cut back on coffee and pop and replace it with a fruit.
This one I am still working on, when a Dr.Pepper is taunting me in the fridge at work it is hard to say no.

Write in a journal whether that be about your day, the good the bad or a to-do list of what you want to accomplish. 
Writing in a journal has been a way for me to really escape and turn to god about my problems, accomplishments and goals!

Create a go-to playlist.
Create playlist that you can listen to in the car, work and working out! I find that mixing music up for different daily activities keeps my mind clear. I personally recommend Spotify. Andrew and I have a subscription.

Stretch once or twice a day will make a  difference. Especially if you sit at a desk all day, find time to walk throughout the day whether that be on your lunch or even to get fresh water!

Set Goals.
Setting goals gives you long-term determination and short- term motivation!

Get plenty of sleep! 
We all need plenty of sleep it helps us rejuvenate and boosts our immune systems.

Being a creaitve and not working a creative job, I find myself always brainstorming my next big idea. My family thinks I am crazy  with some of the things I come up with. It is always healthy to always be thinking of things that interest you.

Make free time once a week.
I know it sounds hard sometimes, but when you create at least 30 minutes to an hour for free time you can plan what you want to do with that free time. Whether it be grabbing coffee with a girlfriend or taking a drive.


Share below what you do to help balance your lifestyle, I would love to hear from you!

How to style high wasted jeans

Happy Friday!  I could not me more excited for this week to end, is it just me or is summer already flying by?

I can not believe that August is almost here and how full my calendar is getting. Today I  am sharing  how to style my favorite high wasted jeans with this ruffled shirt from Shop Scoobie go check out their Instagram feed here ShopScoobie <<

Not only are these jeans so comfy they are super flattering and you can dress them up or down.

I chose to make this outfit casual but cute! I am sharing below this similar outfit but also other things you can pair with high wasted jeans!

Similar outfit:

Shoes to pair with High Wasted Jeans:

Shirts to pair with High Wasted Jeans:


Last night Andrew and I went to a VIP event for Kneaders Bakery and Cafe, it was adorable. They will be opening 10 new locations in the Kansas and Missouri areas. They have fresh bread, natural ingredients, gourmet salads, yummy pastries and so much more! Let’s just say I left with a handful of bread and goodies. If you get a chance, look them up! You won’t be disappointed!

I hope y’all have a great weekend <3


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