Best Co- Worker Gift Guide Under $25

Did you sign up for your work “Secret Santa” and struggling to find the perfect gift under $25? Well you are in luck! I have put together some fun things, for the gals in the office and the men. Check them out below!

Best Co- Worker Gift Guide Under $25

  1. Organization is KEY at work, so it should be? This whiteboard calendar is the perfect gift for someone who likes to stay organized or heck who needs to get it together!
  2. Lip kit set– these are great for any gal to just keep at her desk to freshen up! Ill be honest I have two of these at my desk!
  3. Nothing says your professional like a card holder at your desk this one I love because it can be for a guy or a gal!
  4. Leather card holder– I personally bought this for myself! I love having this in my purse or bag pack when I attend events I look more professional when I pull this out rather than a stack of cards!
  5. Want to know someones mood each day? Get them these mood cards! I love when I see these at a desk, great for that co- worker you never can understand ;0
  6. Looking for a fun game? Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious game good for that co- worker who is the jokester!
  7. Co- workers that get worked up? Get them the “Dammit Doll” they can take their anger out on that!
  8. The girly girl co- worker, this Ouai Set is a great starter kit for someone who appreciates beauty products!
  9. Coffee lovers– anyone who loves coffee loves a good coffee mug!
  10. HYDRATE- everyone needs to stay hydrated during the work day. That is one thing I sometimes forget to do! A trendy water bottle is a great gift for anyone.
  11. Girly girl- another one for that gal who likes to have her nails done. This set has the perfect colors for the holiday’s!

Best Dog Gift Guide 2019

We all know I love to spoil Mr. Luther Nash every day but Christmas is a great way to add those “extra” things to your Christmas list for your sweet pup.


  1. Does your dog have anxiety? Anxious? I recently found this adorable dog snuggle toy . Luther gets anxious in some situations but at home he is so comfortable so I am not sure if this would be something for him. I think it would be great for dogs in the car as they travel and for dogs that get anxious when you leave them home!
  2. CLEAN FREAKS- this is for you! For the dogs that shed this handheld vacuum is the perfect gift for those dogs that shed in the car or at home!
  3. Traveling for the holidays? We use this water dispenser on walks, and when we travel with Luther. I love that it is mess FREE!
  4. Everyone loves SOCKS and what better socks to rock than your dog on your feet!
  5. Does your dog need to slow down eating? Luther was eating his food so fast that he would end up puking so we ended up buying this “maze” feeder to help him slow down.
  6. Interactive dog toy– I have this on our list to get Luther for Christmas. I think it looks so entertaining!
  7. I pulled the trigger on the Furbo Dog Camera! This Christmas Luther/ we will be getting this fun yet smart toy. I can’t wait to utilized this while I am at work and when we are away.
  8. This therapeutic handheld massager is something I think Luther will LOVE. He loves massages so why not try this. It has great reviews.
  9. SPOIL your pup! Stella And Chewy are probably Luther’s favorite treats. Once in a while we get these smelly/ meaty treats for Luther. We have been training him to stop barking so these are the treats that we train him with. He loves the lamb but they have several other flavors.
  10. Cozy + Cute, drew is against Luther having a bed because he loves the couch, blankets and sleeps with us! But this bed I feel like he would really like because it is all those things he likes! I plan on getting him this one after our room is finished!
  11. Crate- Luther use to love car rides and I am not sure what happened changed but as he has gotten older he prefers a save place for him and this crate is breathable, stylish and affordable.
  12. Interactive treat snuffle mat– I thought this looked cute and fun for Luther and other dogs. It says it is durable but I am sure if you have a dog that is aggressive with toys this may not be for them. But it says it is but just a warning. I love that it is washable as well!



Gifting beauty products is so fun, I have so many options I wanted to share with you all. Here are several options for your sisters, friends or even co- workers! I am sharing some of my fav skincare items, makeup and other great products.

Best Beauty Gift Guide 2019

  1. Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads are an investment but they are worth it. I use peel pads at least 2 times a week to exfoliate my skin and keep it glowing.
  2. The perfect gift for someone who loves a low maintenance trick on keeping your face youthful! This Uplift massaging beauty roller is something I use weekly while I sit and watch TV. It really is something you do not need to put effort into.
  3. Buxon lip sets are my go- to on during the work week and on the weekends. This would be the perfect set for your GF, step sisters, co- worker or heck for yourself 😉
  4. I USE THIS 5/7 DAYS of the week! The colors are perfect for any outfit and the applications is seamless. This Naked3 palette is hands down my fav!
  5. SUMMER FRIDAYS= DEWY skin goodness! I have been using this nightly, no need to wash it off until the morning. You will thank me later!
  6. Talk about throwback! This cute Caboodle is to die for, this would be the perfect gift for the girl that doesn’t know what to do with all her makeup! I mean how cute is the ROSE GOLD.
  7. FRANNY- OH how I love my mini fridge– I keep all things from masks, eye patches, teeth whiting gel and my ice roller in this bad boy!
  8. Eyeshadow brushes – everyone could use a fresh new set, let’s be honest!
  9. Blendy blend- ALERT these are under $10 and they rock my socks off. Okay- they aren’t like Sephora blenders if I am being honest but hey they do the job and you can’t beat the price!
  10. Scrunchies are trending and these ones are great to sleep in without damaging your hair.
  11. Number 1 on my Christmas list this Starry eyes to Hypnotize eyeshadow palette is to die for. This combination of colors are stunning.
  12. Another item on my list is this blender dryer– it seems practical and cute to put in our new master bathroom.
  13. DAMN GIRL– I have been loving this mascara lately! If you are looking to replace yours or try a new one!

Happy shopping for those beauty lovers- see below even more options to shop from!

Hostess With The Mostest- Throwing a game day party can be fun and easy!

Let’s get real here if you find me at a football party it is most likely for the drinks and food! Don’t get me wrong I love rooting for the teams but my shirt says it all “I just hope both teams have fun!” I enjoy game days and the excuse to get together with friends to indulge in some tailgating foods.

I am partnering up with Joia Spirit to share with you how to be the hostess with the mostest during the football season and how you don’t need a lot to throw a successful gathering.

When it comes to setting out the perfect food, I always go with making one main appetizer, dips, snacks and one main attraction dish (hence the gorgeous graze board created by one of my favorite local gals from @grazingkc) to compliment all the colors we had going on.

My go to- appetizer is Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates Wrapped in Bacon. Not only is it an affordable app but super easy to whip together and a crowd pleaser! You can always find me eating the food 🙂

  • Goat Cheese
  • Dates
  • Bacon
  • Toothpicks

1. Preheat the oven to 420 degrees
2. Split the date in half
3. Stuff date with goat cheese
4. Cut bacon in half- wrap each date with a piece of half bacon
5. Place toothpick in middle of date to hold placement of bacon
6. Pop in the oven for 20 minutes

Football season = Fall season! When I have people come over to my house for gatherings I want the house to be welcoming, minimal decor and cozy. I picked up some cute football themed cups, popcorn holders and some fall signs!


Staying hydrated is key when you are munching all afternoon and watching the game! Joia Spirit has a flavor for everyone! All Joia Spirit cocktails are made with real spirits, simple, clean ingredients, and are naturally gluten free and vegan. They’re a modern twist on timeless, classic recipes– Amazingly refreshing premium cocktails ready whenever and wherever you choose. Each beverage is between 6% and 7% alcohol content.

Even Luther wanted a taste! Luther always wants to be in the know with what is going on.

Joia Spirit Original Cocktails
Moscow Mule- A bite of ginger. Engaging apricot. A squeeze of lime. Crisp, clear vodka lightly carbonated with a few bubbles.
Greyhound- Bright tangy grapefruit. A whisper of chamomile. A dash of cardamom.
Cosmopolitan– Sunny, tart cranberry. A polite note of pear. Refreshing lime.

Joia Spirit New Cocktails
Vodka Soda- An aromatic squeeze of fresh key lime. Crisp, clear vodka. 
Gimlet- Graceful, aromatic botanicals. The gentle tang of hibiscus. A zest of ginger. Crisp, refreshing gin
Margarita– Bright tangy tequila. A squeeze of lime. A hint of triple sec. 


  1. Don’t make it complicated, you never will do it again.
  2. Invite the right people.
  3. Beverages- Joia Spirit is the perfect option! A flavor for everyones taste buds!
  4. Food- as stated above VARIETY!
  5. Use paper products!! Less mess.
  6. Small details make a big difference.
  7. Crank the AC or turn down the heat!
  8. Put the food where people want to be!
  9. Remember people like to just be together.

Getting ready for this game day party was so simple, from the help of some local folks and Joia Spirit. Cheers to many more games this season indulging in yummy food and the perfect beverage to pair!

A big thanks to Joia Spirit for sponsoring this post!

Photos by Sheena Sheena Rae Photography