This weekend is the Sephora’s beauty insider event- I feel like it came so quickly?! I ran to Sephora to pick up some goodies that have been on my list. I thought I would share some things I’m buying from the sale and some things that are still on my wishlist!  Did you know you could use your code a couple different ways? You can purchase in the store as many times as you please but only once online. The sale ends tomorrow, Monday- September 3rd!


Boy oh boy I have had my eyes on this Phyto-Retinol Serum by Biossance which is a natural alternative to retinol and I love that you can use it on your under-eye without drying it out. So many great products that are on my wish list. Lately, I have been focusing on my dark dry, and puffy under eyes. I am all about these eye patches to help depuff and moisturize that area. I am going to try the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-tox Hydra Gel Eye Patches!

Hair-wise- I can’t wait to get my hands on the Olaplex– I have heard such great things about this hair mask. Since having blonde hair it gets very dry and especially after getting it colored, I like a good mask! This product will be in my basket. Take a look at my top picks below!

I would love to hear what is on your wishlist!

Why we ditched our old mattress and went with Leesa

Who has slept on their bed for way to long? ME!

Who has put off getting a new bed for over 2 years now? ME!

Shopping let alone for a bed sucks, but I knew when we walked into West Elm it was for a reason- It was when we met Leesa. Have you heard of the brand? Leesa is a bed in a box company and for every 10th bed sold they donate one. And every time they sell a bed they plant a tree for every bed sold.

Not only when you buy a bed do you get to go home and get a good night sleep- you sleep better knowing you helped someone out!

I don’t know who or what I love more now? Our bed or Andrew? okay okay I am kidding- kind of  😉

We ended up going with the luxury style Sapira brand of Leesa because with my chronic back issues I needed something firm and supportive. Their original Leesa is great as well but not as firm (again which I needed).

It took  10 days for my body to really adjust to the new mattress. Lessa lets you try the mattress in your own home for 100 nights (risk-free!)  with free shipping! The bed is much more firm than my older bed where I used to sleep on such a broken in bed where each side dipped and Andrew and I would roll into the middle by the morning.

Luther was a little confused on what we were doing when we opened the bed- you guys the process of unboxing one of these is UNREAL. See the video below!

Does anyone else have a super jealous dog? Luther is so funny when it comes to Andrew and I being funny and messing around. Literally thinks we are hurting one another- ha!

Now that we have a good bed I am so excited to put the finishing touches on our room.

I am over the moon about this new mattress and love waking up feeling so refreshed!


Is it time for you to check into getting a new bed? Leesa has be so great and they are giving my followers a code – Use promo code MIKAJADE for $130 off! Head over to their site to learn more about what Leesa has to offer!


I feel like this year is going to be the best one yet- let’s be honest I think I say that every year! I felt so special last weekend on my birthday, thanks to all of you.

I planned out the entire weekend with family and friends.

We went to such a beautiful spot for dinner 1889 Pizza Napoletana with family. You guys this restaurant is so trendy and delicious (of course I forgot to take pictures of the 7 pizza’s we ordered! I promise if you go here you will not be disappointed.


I am so blessed to be surrounded by great friends and family. I wish for nothing but good health and to be surrounded by even more love this year. Thank you all for making me feel so loved and thank you to those who helped me celebrate the entire weekend.

My hopes for my 26th year on this earth:

    • Great health
    • Volunteer.
    • Creating more friendships and meeting new people.
    • Focusing more on myself and things that make me happy.
    • Not letting fear get in the way of things that I have been wanting to do.
    • Read More.
    • Less screen time.
    • Attending more events to better myself as a creative and as a person.
    • Getting closer to god.
    • Taking more meaningful trips.
    • Documenting more day to day events.


Balloons- Pink Antler Studio

How do you celebrate you birthday?

How do you prefer to celebrate your birthday?
I heard after you turn 25, birthdays only go downhill from there? Well not for this girl. I am now 26 and thriving- feeling like the best is yet to come. I always find a reason to celebrate an occasion especially the day of my birth. You don’t get years back so why be down on your age? I understand that birthdays can be a touchy subject, depending who you’re talking to. Everyone has their own rhyme and reason.

I will be spending my birthday surrounded by friends and family this year- which is my favorite way to spend it. We typically go out to eat, have cake and celebrate!

I would love to hear from you, are you the type that celebrates or do you skip it? I’d love to know your favorite way to celebrate your birthday!