Why we ditched our old mattress and went with Leesa

Who has slept on their bed for way to long? ME!

Who has put off getting a new bed for over 2 years now? ME!

Shopping let alone for a bed sucks, but I knew when we walked into West Elm it was for a reason- It was when we met Leesa. Have you heard of the brand? Leesa is a bed in a box company and for every 10th bed sold they donate one. And every time they sell a bed they plant a tree for every bed sold.

Not only when you buy a bed do you get to go home and get a good night sleep- you sleep better knowing you helped someone out!

I don’t know who or what I love more now? Our bed or Andrew? okay okay I am kidding- kind of  😉

We ended up going with the luxury style Sapira brand of Leesa because with my chronic back issues I needed something firm and supportive. Their original Leesa is great as well but not as firm (again which I needed).

It took  10 days for my body to really adjust to the new mattress. Lessa lets you try the mattress in your own home for 100 nights (risk-free!)  with free shipping! The bed is much more firm than my older bed where I used to sleep on such a broken in bed where each side dipped and Andrew and I would roll into the middle by the morning.

Luther was a little confused on what we were doing when we opened the bed- you guys the process of unboxing one of these is UNREAL. See the video below!

Does anyone else have a super jealous dog? Luther is so funny when it comes to Andrew and I being funny and messing around. Literally thinks we are hurting one another- ha!

Now that we have a good bed I am so excited to put the finishing touches on our room.

I am over the moon about this new mattress and love waking up feeling so refreshed!


Is it time for you to check into getting a new bed? Leesa has be so great and they are giving my followers a code – Use promo code MIKAJADE for $130 off! Head over to their site to learn more about what Leesa has to offer!

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