2020 Goal Setting

The word resolution to me just does not settle right. I feel like for so long growing up I would make “resolutions” and never fall through with them.

Goals are different for me especially now and as I have gotten older. I set myself up for success by practicing steps to hit my goal. This year I challenged Andrew and I to write down our goals physically on a sheet which I got from Lauren at the SkinnyConfiential.com you can find it [HERE]

We printed ours off, wrote them down and read them to one another to hold ourselves accountable!

I thought I would share my main goals with you all to hopefully inspire you! I of course have other goals that I am sure will pop up through out the year but until then!

Goal 1: Grow more spiritually- I have always been religious in some shape or form but as I have gotten older I have always struggled to pray, read my bible and go to church more. This year I hope to dive deeper into my bible and study it, attend church as often as possible and pray daily.

Goal 2: Live a healthier lifestyle- that encompasses all things, food, working out, healthy mindset! This one I know will be hard for me because your girl enjoys fast food 😉 can be lazy and be tough on myself! But I am up for the challenge. This is one Andrew committed to as well and I am excited to see where our journey takes our minds and bodies!

Goal 3: Be more consistent with my brand Layers And Lipstick- within this goal I am going to create a mood board to really dig deep into my creative side. I want to work more on more daily posts and work on creating meaningful content for my readers/ followers.

Goal 4: Train Luther Nash to stop barking after a certain amount- okay this might sounds CRAZY but Luther is amazing. The one thing I failed to do was train him to stop barking at the correct time… DOG MOM FAIL. I have watched several videos, had consultations with trainers in the past couple years but I am determined to do this one my own. Worst case I will hire someone but until then!!!

Goal 5: Read more- This kind of goes along with growing more spiritually but also as my mind develops I want to commit to reading everyday. I have my goal to read at night but I think mornings may be better for me. That leads me to my 6th goal.

Goal 6: Wake up earlier!! My goodness, I do not know why this is so hard for me but it is. I plan on waking up 15 minute earlier than usual the first couple weeks then 20 minutes, then 30 minutes and so on until I reach a time where it makes sense. I don’t know about you but I HATE running out of the door in a rush. I hate feeling guilty that I didn’t play with Luther or take him on a walk and to be honest I would have enough time to make me a latte instead of spending money on Starbs!

Goal 7: Save $$ I am the worst at saving, I will just be honest. My mom has always said you come to this earth with nothing and you leave with nothing… well I have been using that excuse for a while now and I am thinking I should start investing and saving 😉 JUDGE ME- I do SAVE but need to be more consistent at it is a big goal of mine. Every paycheck I plan on taking a percentage out and working on my finances more intentionally.

I am sure throughout the year some things may change and my goals will change and that is OKAY! I wanted to share these goals with you to encourage you to start fresh and to show ya what I will be up to!

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