Why are rompers so cute, but so not practical?

Happy Saturday! It is rainy and chilly here in Kansas City, totally opposite of the weather you would wear this romper in.

Can we just talk about how cute rompers are but how they are not practical at all for us girls when we need to go to the bathroom. It is the worse when you really have to go! This one thankfully is loose and easy to slip on and off.  As big of a pain they are we all still where them. This romper  is under $30 be sure to snag it while it is still in stock 🙂 Click on the image above.

I have been on a major cleaning kick with my closet. I tried on so many things and especially winter stuff. If I did not wear it this past season, buh bye. I always keep things in hopes of thinking I will wear them, that never happens. My thought is when I am doing this process is someone out there needs it more than I do, so why let it just sit in my closet or in a bin. I need to clean more often I also find things I thought I “lost” nope just somewhere I probably put it and forgot…HA

I hope y’all have a great Saturday! Stay dry and warm <3


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  1. naomi // my fair olinda May 23, 2017

    So very darling! I love rompers, but you are right they are totally unpractical. This one is darling. I am in love with the delicate print.



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